What the Homeless Shelters in Horry County Need After Hurricane Florence

Image from United Way of Horry County.

As you probably know, I’d been doing lots of articles over the last month or so on homelessness in Horry County, especially in the Myrtle Beach area. I recently didn’t write or post any new articles for the past week, because we were hit by Hurricane Florence. The storm has passed now, and I’m glad that it is, not only because of all the flooding, but because I can get back to work on this blog. The first thing I’d like to report after several days of no written posts is the fact that the local homeless shelters in Myrtle Beach are very short on items after the storm, and they could use your help.

According to a recent Facebook post by New Directions, they are in need of several items that could keep their pantries more full, as there are almost always seemingly more people there in those packed shelters than food available for them to sustain themselves. For example, the list they put out asked for donations of starches, foods that can be stored for long periods of time. Some of the specific ones are things like macaroni and cheese and instant mashed potatoes. Items like this are good because they can be used to make large amounts of food to be served at one time. The list also requested large cans of veggies and fruits.

There are also other non-food items that homeless shelters in Horry County need after Hurricane Florence, and one of the ones listed is Pine Sol. I can tell you from living at a shelter myself once before that the bathrooms need constant attention. I remember when I asked the guy ahead of laundry there at the time if he had any cleaning agents I could use when it was my turn to clean the bathroom, and he showed me the short supply. I ended up using all that he had on that one cleaning task that day.

Again, the items they need are at this list, so anything you can do would be helpful. I’m just glad that the homeless in Horry County are safe after Hurricane Florence, and that the shelters are still doing all they can to move forward, as I am with this blog. During the break in writing posts during the hurricane, I was brainstorming on which way I wanted to go with it and, since I’ve already told the better part of my story in earlier posts as well as why I took my writing in the direction of the subjects of homelessness and poverty, I will be bringing to your attention more reports in the coming weeks on many of the homelessness organizations across America, and how their ideas well as what they are doing in their areas of the country relate to all that we are doing (or can be doing) to prevent/eliminate homelessness here on the Grand Strand.

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