Taking Book and Blog Interviews about Poverty/Homelessness in South Carolina

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I’m putting together a book on homelessness in South Carolina called States of Homelessness Volume One, and, every State I write about after that will be Volume Two, Volume Three, and so on. I have made writing on the issues of poverty my life’s work, and, although it may take me until I’m in my late 50’s to write a 250 page or so book on every United State, if God spares my life, that’s exactly what I plan to travel and do over the next 20 years or so.

I have been brainstorming a structure (starting with homelessness in Myrtle Beach) as well as dealing with a few life issues over the past couple of weeks, hence the gap in posted blog articles. Before I begin speaking on that, I just want to let you guys know that my case has been totally dismissed, the one where the police arrested me for nothing on Halloween night. And, being that that one wrongful arrest and wrongful incarceration has caused me major pain and suffering due to the fact that I not only lost my weekly rental but also missed out on a really good job in Ohio (being that although I am found completely innocent it still didn’t sit well with the job as a good first impression…), I am going to continue to look for a lawyer who’d be willing to work on contingency so I can move forward with suing the police officer and/or the department for arresting me for no reason at all, messing up my life in a major way at the worst possible time.

Okay, now, about these books. I’m looking to interview as many people as I can who have been through low-income situations, homelessness, poverty, etc. over the next eight to ten weeks. Again, my first focus will be South Carolina, so anyone who wants to tell their story from any county feel free to call my phone or email me, or both. The interview can either be in person or over the phone. If it’s over the phone, I’ll simply record you as we talk about your experience, write the story 100% how you told me in creative non-fiction format (scene, setting, year, time, place, etc.), then send you a copy of it. I won’t publish anything to the blog until you agree it’s ready.

Some of your interview will be on this blog, the rest will be in the book, as a continued story. The blog will basically be an instrument to catapult your story towards the book, which will initially be on Amazon. I’ve already found a few folks who not only want to interview for my book for a few thousand words, but who also want to tell their entire story in a book of their own. If that is you, I’m well qualified as a ghostwriter and editor (here’s my writer’s resume), and will give you a low rate per word for your own book and publish it to Amazon for you in eBook format, as long as I can be listed as the editor. You’d have the byline as the writer.

Go to LinkedIn and set up an account to see my writer’s resume if you want your own book on poverty, homelessness in South Carolina, or any other part of the struggle. In the meantime, I’ll be reaching out, checking for calls and emails, and joining the National Coalition for the Homeless, an organization that includes advocates, students, those who have suffered from homelessness and/or poverty, and those who simply care about the cause. If you are looking to write your own book, these people in organizations such as this will be your target audience, not your friends on Facebook lol. Like many others, I want to continue to spread awareness on these real life stories, ones that barely get told in everyday media. I’ll begin with homelessness in Horry County, then spread to other places in the State where this epidemic continues to run rampant.

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