Sex and Homelessness in Myrtle Beach

Image from Health Problem Solutions.

Before I write this, I have to remind y’all what the actual meaning of homelessness is in Myrtle Beach, as well as the surrounding areas and in many other places around the United States. A homeless person is not just someone who is out on the street looking dirty, bummy, and pushing a shopping cart full of their belongings, which is what most of y’all may envision when you think of the actual stereotype of a homeless man or woman. No, a homeless person is anyone living at a motel and paying daily or weekly rent, too. A homeless person may even have a car and a job. A homeless person could even be in college going to class and dorm rooms every day. In other words, you may walk past many, many, MANY homeless people all the time, whether it be in the mall, on the sidewalk in your city, at the grocery store, post office, damn near everywhere!

All that being said, in Myrtle Beach, homelessness is on another level, man. In fact, I read one source the other day from the National Coalition for the Homeless, and it said that “Myrtle Beach attracts more homeless people than surrounding areas”, and that in this city “fluctuating employment and high housing prices cause many people to lose permanent housing”, meaning they have to get weekly motel rooms, live with friends and family, etc. Man, I’m telling you. I’ve been through that on and off for years. And, it’s very stressful. And, what do many of us do when we get stressed? Yeah, smoke and drink, I know. But what do those activities make you wanna do? Yup, you got it. Have sex.

Ok, so I was in Helping Hand on Mr. Joe White Avenue the other day to get some bus passes, and, as usual, there is a huge container on the sign-in desk full of free Lifestyle Condoms. On it, it has a sign that says that you’re only supposed to take two of them. I’m thinking to myself, “Do they mean two per visit?” If that’s the case, then I should get two, put them in my pocket, walk out the door, walk back in, grab two more, put those in my pocket, walk back out, walk back in, grab two more, walk….well you get the picture. I need more than two, as do many other people. I mean, they put that big container up front on the desk so everybody in the lobby can see you go get them, like I’m supposed to be shy about going to get some rubbers. Man, I’m 36-years-old dog, with no children. I’m an expert on using them. So, why not further my expertise by getting as many as I really need? I always check the expiration date though. Don’t wanna be like Kid off the movie House Party, and end up with one that looks like some old ass bubble gum or stretchable putty or something.

No, but seriously. People come to Myrtle Beach all the time to have fun, and the locals do the same. Just because we’re low-income doesn’t mean we don’t like to enjoy ourselves. The only thing about homelessness in Myrtle Beach as it relates to sex that I absolutely hate are all the stories I hear about sex trafficking down here. For example, remember the report back in August about the guys at Budget Inn who posted sex ads online then made that teenager go out on sex calls for gas and food money? Anybody from Myrtle Beach will tell you, that area on Ocean Boulevard is well known for prostitution, and I pray the homeless girls who get pimped out like that can recover mentally and physically from what they have been through.

I guess the point that I’m trying to make with this article is that homelessness and sex has its good and bad points. If you choose not to use a condom, just know that pregnancy could be right around the corner. And, I think all of us can agree that the smart thing to do is examine your financial situation before deciding to procreate. To all the homeless young women out there in the rough areas in Myrtle Beach, beware of simply living with a guy or group of guys just because you need a place to stay. They may seem friendly, but the truth is they may have ulterior motives, take advantage of the fact that you are homeless in Myrtle Beach, and violate and harm you in a dangerous way.

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