How To Get a Free Mailing Address If You’re Homeless In Myrtle Beach

Helping Hands can provide a no-cost mailbox for folks who really need them. Image from Facebook.

If you are homeless in Myrtle Beach, then you probably don’t have a place to receive mail. I mean, there are some options that you may have considered taking advantage of, ones that may involve people you know helping you out. For example, you may have a friend who has a mailing address who might allow you to receive a package at their residence. One bad thing about this is the fact that you would have to do things like try to time out when they would be home, or end up waiting around on them to get home if you call them and they tell you they are having a busy day, are out of town, etc.

Needless to say, each moment you have is very valuable if you’re out in Myrtle Beach homeless, because there is a lot you need to be accomplishing each day or week in your fight to get a job and a stable place to live. If you are living at a homeless shelter in Myrtle Beach, such as the one I once spent about two weeks at called New Directions, then you do have the option of getting your mail there. But, if you aren’t planning on staying there long, then you’ll have to go through all the hassle of getting your mail changed over to your new address after you leave. Plus, although I’m grateful that I was able to stay there for that short while to save enough money for a new apartment, I’m a private person, and the way the mail is collected at the shelter sometimes allows other residents there to peek at what came for you that day.

There’s also the option of getting yourself a P.O. box, but, if you’re not going to be in town that long, you probably wouldn’t want to do that. Heck, even if you are planning on staying in Myrtle Beach, you are at the moment homeless, so every dollar counts (to get a P.O. box is around $20).

One time (I think I was staying with some friends or renting a room or something), I needed a mailing address for my SNAP benefits card to get sent to. I remembered that I had read or heard somewhere that Myrtle Beach Helping Hands provided mailboxes at no cost (they are located at 1411 Mr. Joe White Avenue in Myrtle Beach). So, I went in to ask them about it.

I talked to the person behind the desk in the waiting area, just as I always did in past visits when I was in need of emergency groceries and had come to that same office. I waited a bit, then, when my name was called, I was called to the back area. I filled out a sheet, answered some questions, and bam, I now had a completely free mailing address for up to six months if I needed it.

One thing I want to say though is that the spaces for mailboxes fills up fast, because  people on the streets constantly need a good, reliable, easily accessed mailing address. That being said, if you don’t need your mailbox for the entire six months, such as if you are blessed enough to find yourself a job and apartment of your own, it would be much appreciated by the kind staff there at Helping Hands if you’d simply let them know. That way, they can take your name off of it, and assign it to someone else who may be homeless in Myrtle Beach and in need of a dependable mailing address.


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